Mission & Values 

At Simplex United LLC our mission is to serve our community as a comprehensive Business and Career Center that provides services and resources to workforce and employers in the Inland Empire. With our focus on adult training and certification, we are passionate about helping people discover their desired career path and encouraging them to take advantage of the wide spectrum of resources available at our center.

Our goal is to assist candidates so that they may explore and pursue their interests and develop their skills and capabilities to succeed in the competitive job market.

The following objectives support our goals:

  • To provide quality practical skills training
  • To assure our programs address the needs of employers and the labor market
  • To assure “job-student match”, i.e. train students in the characteristics required by their prospective employers
  • To extend training effectiveness through internship and externship assistance program, available at Simplex United Business and Career Center

At Simplex United, we are committed to quality service and high personal and professional standards in performance.