Employer Solutions Center

​One-Stop Center for Workforce Training, Testing and Verification

Here, at Simplex United, we are striving to providing the most efficient and convenient services meeting mutual interest of employers and businesses and workforce. 

At our Simplex United Testing Center we offer a wide variety of online tests and assessments to ensure hiring qualified workforce. 

At our Training Center, we help employers improve quality of existing workforce and save money on hiring and training new employees. We provide essential skills training such as Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. We also help businesses learn basic accounting skills using QuickBooks software proven to be working best for small businesses. To improve time efficiency in modern office settings, we also offer keyboarding class with optional certification.

To make the hiring process easier and more convenient for all participants, Simplex United, LLC offers a variety of services, including:

  • Live scan

    We are apporoved by the Department of Justice to perform all purpose fingerprinting services including pre-employment background checks. Please, call (909) 795-4979 to schedule an appointment. Same day appointments are also available.
  • Drug testing

    Drug testing for any reason is available including hair, saliva, and urine testing for DOT-mandated and non-DOT drug tests. To ensure a drug-free work place, call (909) 795-4259 to schedule your new hire's pre-employment screening or your employee's random drug test!
  • Remote I-9 verification

    We perform remote I-9 employee's verification via PAN's (Performance Assessment Network) scheduling system or via direct approval by Employer. The Employee is required to enter information in the first part of I-9 form and we complete the second section in presence of the employee. At time of appointment, the employee must present original non-expired copies of documents confirming his/her eligibility to work in US. By Employer's choice we can transmit completed document to Employer by fax or secured e-mail.
  • Internship and Externship program assistance

  • We coordinate all aspects of internship and externsip program, including Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening and malpractice insurance coverage for healthcare occupations. Internship coordination deliverables include: Employer Commitment Form, Employer Handbook, Student Profile Internship Registration Form, Student Intern Handbook, Employer Evaluation form (post internship).