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In today's job market, having a typing certificate is really important. It's like having proof that you're good at using a keyboard efficiently and without making mistakes. Whether you're looking for a job as an administrative assistant, data entry clerk, school district or even in customer service, employers in different industries appreciate this basic skill. Many require to have this skill in order to be hired. The certificate not only makes you stand out but also shows that you're committed to being productive in the digital world. Call us today at 909-795-4979 to schedule your typing test appointent, sameday scheduling is aslo available. At Simplex United, our typing test service is designed to assess and enhance your typing skills efficiently, available at a competitive rate of $35. Participants are granted three attempts, each consisting of a 5-minute duration to accurately gauge and showcase their keyboard proficiency. Upon completion, select the test that best represents your optimal performance, and we will diligently curate a personalized certificate attesting to your accomplished typing skills. This professional evaluation promises not only an enriching experience but also a tangible acknowledgment of your commitment to excellence in typing. Elevate your professional acumen with our comprehensive typing test regimen.

Posted in Blog on Dec 31, 2020

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